Running Socks

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Anti Blister Socks for Running for Women & Men – High-Performance & No Compromises

Are you in need of the top rated running socks? You are probably tired of traditional marathon socks that lack comfort and durability. Do your favorite socks flood with sweat and reek after a run? We have the solution! Our anti-blister running socks can handle several consecutive hours of use, are designed with superior breathability and ventilation, and anti-odor treatment. 

No matter if you are running a 5k or a marathon, you need the right cushioned running socks to ensure the best possible race. Accelerate your running to the next level with the top socks for preventing blisters – One of the most sought-after running socks in the running industry today. Our socks for running are made from premium materials, they are field-tested against competitors, and are favorite among professional athletes.

We offer a lifetime guarantee too so you can give our moisture-wicking socks a chance risk-free and see what happens! You might just cross the finish line a few seconds faster or discover the moisture-wicking properties you’ve been looking for!

This is where Rockay Performance Running socks can help you out!

The Rockay Brand has masterfully crafted and engineered a sock for running, hiking, or any other activity that requires high-caliber anti-blister socks. Our socks for running are constructed from a blend of Recycled Elastane, Recycled Polyamide & Regenerated Nylon (Econyl). Each of these materials offers their own unique benefits to our customers. These include compression, cushioning, moisture-wicking, and a better fit. Today Rockay offers a variety of products – including trail, longer, compression socks & sleeves, Athletic & thin running socks. The idea is to provide runners with something for every type of running or high-intensity activity

What makes our products a perfect fit for runners of all levels and demographics? Well, thanks to the organic merino wool material, our product will constantly work to protect your feet from excess moisture and prepare you for your best performance. Whether you have a 5k, a 10k, an ultra, or are in training, our socks for running will keep your feet at the optimal temperatures.

Additionally, thanks to anti-blister properties, you are much less likely to experience the discomfort of blisters, hot spots, or any similar friction-related injuries. We have field-tested all our products and ensured that what we offer is quality socks for running in today’s market.

Our socks were nominated as the best sock for running by Business Insider, Runnerclick, Gearweare, and many others. Runnersworld and Hicomsumption even added it in their top 5 best.

If we seem passionate, it’s because we are runners too. Our products were designed for runners, by runners. Our goal is simple: we want to create high-quality socks that last a lifetime. We will ensure that each customer is 100% happy with our socks for running and offer a lifetime guarantee to back up our commitment. If your socks tear or cease to function despite proper care, we will send you a new pair!

Our vision goes further than the race track.  Our ultimate goal is to have complete traceability for the materials in our socks from the moment the plastic is collected for recycling to the product’s distribution.

So, are you ready to accelerate your running to the next level?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will compression socks affect my recovery?

Increased blood flow doesn’t just affect an athlete’s performance. It can also help them recover faster. Good running socks with some form of compression have long been used to reduce the swelling caused by medical conditions. And this can benefit athletes as well. Improved blood flow will decrease the amount and duration of swelling after a run. This allows runners to get back on their feet sooner while experiencing less pain. It also allows them to detect injuries sooner, should one occur.

What does moisture-wicking mean?

We have all seen the products that say they ‘wick away moisture or sweat’ and that includes the Rockay Accelerate Socks. Our socks are some of the best moisture wicking socks on the market. But what does this phrase really mean? Simply put, a moisture-wicking product has the ability to keep a person’s skin dry when they are physically active.

This might seems simple. But the process behind it is vastly more complicated. Moisture-wicking materials have the ability to absorb moisture from a person’s skin and, upon contact with body heat, release the moisture through the form of evaporation. This evaporation then allows the material to soak up more moisture and repeat the cycle. That's why Rockay offers the quality socks to combat moisture i.e. sweat.

What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is made from the wool of a Merino sheep. Farmers shear the sheep and process the roving into the wool we use for our socks. Since the sheep can easily regrow their wool, it is an all-natural and renewable resource. Get our merino wool socks today!

What are the benefits of Merino Wool?

This fiber is an incredibly effective moisture wick. In other words, merino wool draws moisture away from the runner’s foot during a workout. This reduces the chance of athletes foot, blisters, and other friction-related ailments making them good running socks to prevent blisters.

In addition to this, merino wool is highly breathable. It vents hot air to keep the foot from becoming too warm while at the same time trapping enough warm air near the skin to keep feet from getting cold. The merino wool's breathability means that it easily releases the moisture it wicks from the skin. This is part and parcel of its ability to absorb moisture. But it also reduces odors in the sock after a workout. And this is why Rockay produces merino wool running socks.

The final major benefit to merino wool is its durability. It has long been the go-to material for all sorts of garments. From socks to pants to shirts, if someone wanted a garment to last they used merino wool. Interested? Buy our socks today!

Won’t wool itch or shrink?

Wool itches for one of two reasons. Either the lanolin – a natural grease produced by sheep – causes an allergic reaction or the wool fibers scratch the wearer’s skin. The wool in our socks has been treated to remove most of the lanolin and to smooth the fibers so they will no scratch.

Much like scratching, wool shrinks because of the wool fiber’s structure. On a microscopic level, wool fibers have many small hooks. When the fibers are agitated these hooks catch on one another and pull the fibers closer. The end result is a shrunken garment. Our wool has been treated to smooth these hooks and lock them in place. This treatment prevents any shrinkage from occurring.

What is polyamide?

Polyamide is a synthetic material. Once polyamide absorbs moisture it begins to soak up heat from the surrounding area to dry itself. It is this quality that allows socks by Rockay to help keep a runner’s feet at a comfortable temperature.

The material is also incredibly durable. Polyamide fibers can take a lot of pressure without snapping or fraying. This allows them an incredible amount of flexibility. And not only does this increase their durability but it contributes to the efficiency of a compression garment.

Polyamide fabrics were originally designed as an alternative to silk. This means that they will not rub a runner’s feet raw because they are very soft to the touch. They can, in fact, help reduce a runner’s risk of developing a blister. Which leads us to the fact that all Rockay running socks are anti blister socks.

What is Elastane?

Elastane is a synthetic material that gives our socks their stretch and their compression. Traditional socks do not feature a high degree of elasticity. Compression socks, on the other hand, need the elastic material in order to offer a snug fit. It is the same type of material found in swimsuits and shape-controlling bodysuits.

How do the Rockay Accelerate Socks eliminate the risk of blisters?

Blisters form when friction meets skin that is either too damp or too dry. Our socks for running work to reduce the odds of a blister from both ends of the equation.

Our moisture-wicking fiber blend will keep sweat from building up against the runner’s skin. If the runner applies lotion to their feet, the resulting skin will be neither too damp nor too dry.

We also reduced friction with the built-in cushioning around both the heel and the toe. This also makes for a smoother stride and may reduce hot spots after a run.

We can confidently say that our product has been field-tested by nearly 30 different runners prior to its release. The feedback that we received was overwhelmingly positive, proclaiming it a sock that a runner can rely on and one of the best socks for running on the market.

How do I know what size to purchase?

Products vary in size from company to company. And this includes socks for running. We offer a sizing guide for our products.

How tight should they be?

Compression socks will obviously be tighter than normal socks. They should not, however, cut off circulation. A good rule of thumb is to go one size down from what a person would normally wear. This may be tricky with compression socks and that is where our sizing guide comes in.

Properly fitted compression runners' socks will not cause your feet to chill, tingle, or go numb due to the compression. They will feel snug and may take some time to get used to, however.

How should I wash these socks? Will they shrink?

The Rockay Accelerated Running Sock can be washed like almost any other garment, with a few small exceptions. Fabric softener will affect the product’s performance and should be avoided. Our socks for runners should also not be iron or bleached. It is especially important that they are never dry cleaned. The polyamide in the socks reacts with solvents used in dry cleaning and will break down.

They also should not shrink in the wash. Wool shrinks when small barbs in the fibers hook together and pull the fibers tighter. Our material has been treated to ensure this does not happen It does not matter if they are washed in hot or cold water. They will not shrink.

How do you know if socks are for running?

Socks for runners differ from standard socks in several keys ways. Each design difference is intended to create a superior running experience. These differences include the fact that they have to be moisture-wicking socks and anti-blister socks, which we mentioned above. These socks should also be made from comfortable materials other than cotton. They should also offer solid arch support and a healthy level of compression.

Why shouldn’t running socks be made of cotton?

Cotton is a very popular material. It is light, breathable, and versatile. Its versatility, however, does not extend to socks for runners. Cotton fibers do not wick moisture. They may soak up a little bit of sweat but they will not release it quickly. This means that they will not keep a runner’s feet dry.

Cotton fibers also tend to get harder when they get wet. Harder fibers will cause more friction as they rub against a runner’s foot. Adding friction to damp skin is the perfect recipe for a blister or a rash. This is why we chose a blend of materials that wick away moisture and reduce friction.

What other activities can you use the Rockay Running Socks for?

We designed the Rockay Accelerate with versatility in mind. Our socks for running were largely tested by runners, but their uses extend far beyond the track or the marathon course. They can be worn during nearly any activity or sport, regardless of the climate or intensity.

The cushioned toes and heels make hiking a little more comfortable and can get hikers further along the trail. Their compression fit will help keep things tight during any game or match. And their moisture-wicking construction will keep workers on their feet for the long haul.

Will these socks feel comfortable all day?

Some people find compression gear comfortable for long periods of time. Others only wear compression gear when necessary. And though our socks are soft and stylish, they are compression socks. The product’s comfort level will vary from person to person though nobody should wear socks for more than several hours at a time.

Are there other products in the Rockay line?

At the moment we offer compression socks and compression sleeves for the calves. Our products can be used together for optimal compression or separately to target certain areas. Both our socks for runners and our compression sleeves are covered by a lifetime guarantee. And we as a company are dedicated to our runners, our mission, and our future.

Do the socks and the compression sleeves match in style?

Each pair of our Accelerate Socks has a matching set of calf compression sleeves. They are largely offered in black with a wide range of complementary colors. This allows them to fit with almost any race uniform and competition dress code.

There are, however, a few compression sleeve color options that do not have matching socks. These are typically in much brighter colors and coordinate well with our all-black Accelerate Running Socks.

How are these socks made from recycled materials?

Yes all our socks (except for the wool socks) are made of 100% recycled fabrics.
You can take a look at the "How we do it" page to get a very detailed look into how we use fishing nets and other waste to make our products.

Can I use Rockay Rewards together with other coupons and/or promotions?

Rockay Rewards' credits cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons and discounts.

Is the packaging recycled as well?

By the end of 2019, we intend to package all of our products using nothing but recycled materials. Our goal is to reduce waste as well as chemical pollution. We want our company and our products to have a lasting, positive impact. Not only on our runners and their performance. But on the world as a whole.

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