Scooby has been running all of his life, though it wasn't until the age of 27 that he started running competitively. Ten years later he is a 1:13 half marathoner and a 2:43 Marathoner. Planning on running his first Ultra soon!

Jonathan "scooby" Bolha

A Mother of 5, Fran is an Ultra Distance Runner from Chile. She started trail running 6 years ago, and recently quit her dream job as a school principal to follow her dream of traveling and running around the world.

Fran Gibar

"For me, running is not a mechanical movement, it is a feeling of pure freedom. It's like flying without the need to take off."

Ewa Giemza
Ian Morgan ian.morgan

48 year old New Zealand Marathoner, currently living in Chili with his ultra running partner Fran. Loves to run hills, mountains, and distances 50km+. Ultimate travel lover striving to build a sustainable lifestyle through running and adventures. Currently training for a 100 mile race through the Andes.

Ian Morgan
Elien Janssen elien_janssen/

28 year old Belgian long distance traithlete. Dog handler for the Belgia Feder Police. Loves to train run with her K9 Partner. Nature lover, vegan athlete. Completed several Ironman Triathalons and is currently qualified for 2018 WC Ironman Hawaii

Elien Janssen
Giorgio Pulcini giorgio.pulcini

Giorgio is a 40 years old guy from the north of Italy. He's an husband, a father, a webdesigner and a photographer, but from dawn to dusk he's mainly an ultra-trailrunner. Now training for Tor des Geants and UTMB.

Giorgio Pulcini
Meghan B hangryrunnergirl

Meghan is a 3:19 Marathoner and full time premed student living in Los Angeles. She spends her free time marathon training on the streets of Southern California, and will never say no to pizza and a glass of wine!

Meghan B
Cucchiette Giovanni rungiov_marseille

Giovanni, aka Rungiov, is 19 years old and passionate about road & trail running. You will find him on the trails of Marseille when he not off exploring new trails and scenery!

Cucchiette Giovanni
Lindsey is from Texas where she has been running almost her whole life. She has always had a passion for running since she was a little girl. she ran track/xc from jr. high-high school, and still likes to compete today. She is a high school teacher/coach and loves anything outdoors and with her dog!


Lindsey Quebedeaux
Josefine Swärm josefineswarm

Josefine is a passionate runner from when she was very young. She’s from Sweden but do now live in Palma de Mallorca, where she feels more motivated than ever to run and to inspire others to do the same. She has her own business and as a mom of two she tries to find balance between work, running and family.

Josefine Swärm
Margaret Spring runner4cake

Margaret has been running since she was 8 years old. She began running trails 4 years ago after completing her first Pikes Peak Ascent Race!  She loves the challenges of climbing steep mountains and is gearing up for an ultra race in 2019.

Margaret Spring
Lisa Louviot lily.running
Lisa lives and runs in the South of France, but you would break her heart if you asked her to choose between her beloved seacoast and the mountains. She loves long distances and thinks that flat trails are boring!
Lisa Louviot
Jill Kuhn ironwillironjill

Jill is a wife and mom of four boys. She is a runner, triathlete, ultrarunner, and Ironman. She is always looking for a way to challenge herself and to encourage others to do the same.

Jill Kuhn
Marcia Coronado marciacoronado4

Marcia built her love for competition in the Andean Mountains. Born in Mendoza, Argentina, she's a triathlete that's now making her way into running. Living in Sydney, she's closer to her favorite place: the beach.

Marcia Coronado