Our mission

We have a vision.
To inspire change.
By producing the best performance wear on the planet.
To stop senseless waste and pollution and to never waver from this.
We will bring products to the market that people have never seen.
We will go to any lengths to stick to our beliefs.
Uniting people to our movement.
So let’s do this, join the Rockay Revolution.

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Rockay is the brainchild of Daniel Chabert an ultra runner from Copenhagen. While travelling around the world, Daniel saw first-hand the pollution and destruction harming our planet and felt compelled to be part of a movement for change. From this vision Rockay was born. Combining Daniel’s passion for sport and the environment, he decided to produce the best technical Performance Wear on this planet, but with a core aim for Rockay to help give back and protect our planet.

Our Performance Wear uses cutting edge technologies, with premium quality and durability, but adhering to our core values of sustainability and eco practices. Designed from a direct Sports Performance perspective, to encompass amazing functions and benefits, our Designers work tirelessly alongside our Athletes, developing, perfecting and repeatedly field testing our products. Each and every person involved in our production process, works with relentless determination, to ensure our products fulfill our core values.

As pioneers in this industry, we understand our responsibility in producing ground breaking products. We are the first Sports Wear brand to launch 100% recycled Performance Wear and as such, we only launch a product, if we truly believe it is the best it can possibly be. We never compromise, no matter how long it takes, no matter the restraints, until we truly believe we have produced the ultimate in Sports Performance and sustainability. Our vision is to produce incredible Performance Wear and to protect our phenomenal Planet.

Every decision we make symbolises our commitment to making a difference to our Planet. To help recycle waste and prevent pollution, supporting and uniting a movement for change. From only producing new products that we feel advance our range, not just needlessly extending it, to adhering to a strict policy of only ever using 100% recycled fabrics, utilising cutting edge technologies, such as ECONYL and Polygiene. ECONYL, our trusted supplier, sources nylon waste from landfills and oceans, to produce a premium quality regenerated nylon. They then process it into a textile yarn, allowing us to create premium quality Performance Wear, without impacting the planet. We have also partnered with Polygiene, to add their unique ‘Stay Fresh technology’, preventing the growth of odor causing bacteria, enabling our Performance Wear to be odor-free and reducing environmental damage. Polygiene is designed to dramatically decrease wear and tear on clothing, resulting in more eco-friendly practices, by using less water and energy on repetitive washings. Continuing in our commitment to sustainability, all our Performance Wear packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, eliminating plastic waste in our supply chain.

Rockay’s vision and purpose is to create the Best innovative premium Performance Wear products, without having to use new resources, by using the existing and supporting a movement to clear waste from our Oceans and our Planet.