Conscious and Proactive About Sustainability

Rockay is often referred to as “a new kid on the block” by media and athlete influencers, as our first product launched in early 2018. Since day one, our commitment has not only been to create innovative products but to do this in a way that minimizes our impact on the planet, with a particular focus on cleaning and restoring the environment.This has proved to be an ongoing challenge, but we continue to strive every day, to make the best products possible, without compromising our ethical standards.While we look up to established ‘sustainable’ brands, we know we have a long road ahead. And as a new and small company, it’s clear that we couldn’t possibly accomplish everything related to sustainable standards in this short time. But we continue to use every day to push further towards our goal.

Choosing the right path, which is being mindful of all the waste and proactive about reducing pollution, is where we stand today.

Inspiring Change

Our philosophy and overarching goal is to inspire change in the sportswear industry towards lower environmental impact and higher quality products. We don’t have a new collection every season and we don’t encourage people to purchase more. We want our customers to think carefully about their purchases and consider environmentally-conscious brands with more durable products.We are constantly finding innovative ways to reduce waste in our oceans, save water and energy, avoiding harmful chemicals and decreasing our carbon footprint.We are determined to justify our environmental intentions with real statistics on our progress in the near future. We will keep you posted on our progress and how we’re living by our beliefs.

Giving Back to the Environment

We know our responsibility goes beyond the environment. Our company’s ethical belief is to look out for our team members and to create close partnerships with factories that share our ethos and philosophy.Our team puts a lot of effort to follow the latest industry trends when it comes to textile, manufacturing, advanced technologies, shipping methods, and scientific research, which you can read more about on our Transparency page.As we grow as a team and brand, we are determined to support environmental and social organizations, research, and case studies that aim to advance our knowledge and understanding of pollution, as well as concrete actions to help prevent it.

Here’s What We’re Doing

Our Contribution to Combating COVID-19

Donating Blaze Calf Compression Sleeves to medical workersWith the current global crisis that we’re facing due to Coronavirus, as a thank you tomedical staff around the world.Rockay is donating Blaze Calf Compression Sleeves to medical workers who are onthe frontlines of the fight with COVID-19.In the crisis time that we’re experiencing, a functional and well-equipped health careteam is of vital importance.We hope that our contribution with Rockay Calf Compression Sleeves will help medical workers prolong their energy and ease the foot pain due to long hours of standing,as well as help their feet recover faster after the shifts.

#stayathome #COVID19

Partnership With Oceana

Earth Day Donation: 10% of All Sales

We hate waste, so all our packaging is made from recycled paper or board, andsourced from sustainable sources. Even the inks we use are natural and don’t harmthe environment. We are also reducing our packaging, to use even less paper, andeventually moving away from using boxes. All in an effort to lower our C02 impact and make it even easier to recycle.Unfortunately, some of the marketplaces we operate obligate us to sell our products wrapped in polybags, so we have sourced biodegradable alternatives, to avoid those extensively-polluting plastic bags.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% of All Sales

Our community and friends will probably shop their favorite items and gift their beloved ones during Thanksgiving. To keep up with the holiday spirit, Rockay will donate 25%of all revenue made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Oceana.After all, our oceans should feel the joy of the holidays too, in a sustainable way, of course.

Oceana’s Impact

Oceana has an extensive portfolio of successful campaigns, from preservingmarine-protected areas, advocating laws for safeguarding vulnerable species toinitiating new Fisheries Acts around the world, among other campaigns.Since its first initiative, Oceana has won more than 225 victories and protected morethan 4.5 million square miles of ocean.

Let’s Join Our Forces

We invite all of you to join this global effort of protecting and cleaning our oceans in any way you can, either as an individual, group or a company.

Our Social Responsibility

Although Rockay is part of the global sustainability movement, we strive to act locally as well. Our goal is to support local NGOs, project initiatives and show up at local events. We’re mapping out different opportunities and ways in which we can contribute andbe socially responsible.

Partnership With Plastic Change

One of the Copenhagen-leaders in social and environmental projects is Plastic Change. This team of environmentalists is working hard to reduce the single-use plastics through various projects and events. Their goal is to break the growth of plastic pollution on a global scale and do it collectively. We are determined to help them.

Reducing Plastic Use Pledge

Plastic Change encourages everyone to take a pledge and reduce plastic use. Our team at Rockay agreed to respect all seven of their recommendations: carryingreusable bottles, using reusable cloth bag, drinking with reusable straws (if one must use straws at all), cut out single use cutlery, give up on chewing gums, carry a reusable mug everywhere, and put cigarette butts in the bin.


Although our collaboration with Plastic Change has recently started, we are determinedto take part in more projects in the future and support their work in any way we can.

Local Events

Together with Plastic Change, other groups and individuals, we will join the WorldCleanup Day on September 19th, 2020. We see our participation as a great opportunity for local involvement and support of environmental initiatives. We believe that everyone can do their part, and with little steps, we can reach a greater societal change and strengthen the movement against plastic pollution.