The Best Gifts For Runners: Our Top 10 Choices

The Best Gifts For Runners: Our Top 10 Choices

Are you looking for a gift for the runner in your life? This blog is a deep dive into the top 10 gifts for that special someone.

GPS Watch

Most serious distance runners value a GPS watch to track training runs and races. Garmin is the frontrunner in GPS technology and is widely favored by runners. GPS watches can track how far and fast you have run. Some monitor heart rate. Many have additional features enjoyed by runners, such as tracking elevation and notifying the athlete if he or she is not within a predetermined pace throughout the workout.

In addition, Smart Watches often track sleep and other movements, including sending hourly “stand” reminders.  Some of the watches push notifications such as text messages. Apple Watches can carry their own data plans and allow the athlete to receive messages and make emergency calls without having their phone nearby.

The cheapest GPS watches run about $100, with prices as high as $600 for the most bells and whistles.

Wireless Headphones

Many athletes enjoy music while running but do enjoy the freedom that wireless headphones provide. Although there are inexpensive wireless headphones available, to acquire the best in sound technology comes at a price.

Headphones come in styles with full wires, requiring a physical connection to the phone or music device, partial wireless with a wire between earbuds, and full wireless where the earbuds are not connected in any way. Wireless headphones connect to the music device via Bluetooth technology.

Headphones can range anywhere between $15 – $300, depending on technology and sound quality.

Cool Shoes!

Every runner has a favorite brand, style, and type of running shoes. Pleasing a runner is as simple as finding out what that shoe is and purchasing a pair in a cool color.

If you don’t want to commit to making that decision for him or her, a gift card is always a win.

Some runners will wear an older model, which will be less expensive. If you want the most updates style, you will pay dearly. The cost will be between $75 – $200.

Running Jacket

Especially if you run outside year-round, a quality running jacket is a must-have item. Most serious runners own a quilted running jacket and a water repellent jacket. This enables you to run outside in winter and April showers.

These come in a variety of brands with different price tags. One can spend as little as $20 and as much as $250 for a nice running jacket, especially if looking for one with reflective portions!

Safety Vest

Reflective running vests are necessary if you plan to run at dawn, dusk or after dark. This technology catches the headlights and makes the runner visible to oncoming traffic. Many pieces of safety technology also have light-up portions.

Safety vests can be as inexpensive as $5 or as pricey as $65 for one that is reflective and has lights. Many athletes favor a light-up vest that recharges.

Marshmallow Stick

A marshmallow stick is also known as a self-roller massager. These pieces of equipment help a runner to roll out sore muscles and painful areas on the body. These amazing devices are available for as low as $20!

Running Pouch/Bag/Armband

Most runners have “things” they want to carry while they run. A simple internet search will find everything from Spi-belts to Hip Sister pouches; Camelback hydration packs with storage to smartphone armbands. The price will vary depending upon individual needs. Often, those needs are determined by distance traveled and other circumstances. For example, a diabetic runner will find herself carrying more fuel as well as medical items to fend off a potential diabetic emergency.

Running Socks

Any serious distance runner can tell you that a quality pair of socks is an important piece of equipment as the shoes you wear. Although there are many types and brands out there, Rockay socks come in a variety of styles to meet every runner’s needs.

Running Books

If the runner is an avid reader, the list of running books is endless. There are books on topics ranging from famous distance runners and how they got their start to cookbooks written by runners. The top recommended book for runners is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

Those hunting for a book on the psychology of running might lean toward How Bad Do You Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald. Other runners might wish to investigate a new method of training, and would favor a book focusing on tactics such as Jack Daniels running or the Run Less to Run Faster method.

Gift Card to LRS

A gift purchaser can never go wrong with a gift card to a local running store. LRS’ is a veritable treasure trove of things both necessary and simply fun to have. The added bonus to shopping at an LRS is they sometimes host local group runs and other fun events.

Need a Stocking Stuffer?? 10 under $10

Although the title is Top Ten Running Gifts, some of those gifts have large price tags. What if you are looking for a small gift for the runner in your life? Here are the top 10 for under $10.

  1. Water bottle – Cold, rain or ice send most runners to the treadmill at least periodically. A quality water bottle is a must-have for the dreaded treadmill runs, or for hydrating pre and post-run.
  2. Running Fuel – Gu, Honey Stingers, Gatorade blocks and other running fuel items make excellent filler gifts for runners.
  3. Headband – Whether looking for a light ear cover for cold weather or a hair restraint device, a headband is a nice gift.
  4. Shoelace Bling – Race expos sometimes carry cute “shoelace jewelry” otherwise known as shoelace bling. These small jewels decorate shoes as reminders and motivators.
  5. Body Glide – Body glide looks like deodorant but feels slicker when applied. It helps prevent chafe in places where one might otherwise experience rubbing or friction.
  6. Footwear Deodorizers – Stinky feet? Many runners would appreciate small deodorizing balls to slip into their running shoes when they are not being worn.
  7. Foam roller – Every runner should have a foam roller to work the kinks out.
  8. Headlamp – If your favorite runner runs at dawn, dusk or full-on night, a headlamp is an inexpensive and practical gift.
  9. Blinking Safety Light – A blinking safety light alerts oncoming traffic that there is a person on the side of the road at times when it is not actually dark, but perhaps visibility is less than stellar.
  10. Gift Card – Even a small gift card is a great gift for your favorite runner!

The top ten gifts for runners (both general and small filler gifts) should help everyone find a great gift for their favorite runner that will fit any budget!