Rockay Ambassador - Rebel Running

Rockay Ambassador - Rebel Running

Introducing Rebel, AKA Rebecca, the newest member of the Rockay Ambassador Team.

Ultra-runner, triathlete, mother, meteorologist and all round Rebel.

We recently had the chance to get to know Rebecca a little better in an interview, read on to find out how she gets through the harder days, overcomes injuries and challenges and why she loves the running community so much…



How did you begin your running journey?

 I bought my first pair of trainers when I was 24. I had just given birth, and I was 2 stone heavier than I had ever been in my life. However, running made my knees hurt, so I quit. 

Then I moved to a new city when I was 31 and I needed friends. So I looked up a running club called the Hash House Harriers. They are a trail running club and they did not care that I could not run and that my knees hurt. They made me feel really welcome while I did intervals of jogging and walking. 


Little by little, I built up strength in my knees, the pain went away and I became a runner. 


What’s your favourite thing about the running community?

 That it isn’t a team sport, but there is so much team spirit. My running community, both in person and online, have supported me through so many traumatic periods in my life. But it does not matter on any given day whether I am slow or fast. I am allowed to do whatever I feel like. 



Why ultras and triathlons?

 I was a 10k once a week jogger for many years, and I couldn't understand why people raced. I hated my first Parkrun, because nobody talked to me - they were so focused on what they were doing. But then covid hit and I was forced to run on my own. 

I discovered podcasts, and I realised that I am actually a secret introvert! I didn’t know it before, but I LOVE running on my own. I actually only entered a marathon because I went to university in America. My old uni friend had also become a runner, but she was a marathon runner. We thought, why don’t we have a holiday and meet up in Amsterdam and run a marathon?! Covid cancelled it but I spent the whole year training, and I loved the training schedule and all the runs on my own. 

Once I had completed a marathon, I thought, why not see if I can go further? It spiralled out of control from there! 


Triathlon was simple. I ran too much in 2020 with no one around me to advise me, I didn’t eat enough, got a stress fracture, and needed to distract myself by doing something else. A friend told me to come to the local triathlon club swim sessions. 

They taught me how to do front crawl, and now it is one of the tools I use to not get injured from running too much. The other tool is eating a lot more than I ever used to. 


How do you stay motivated to keep going when times get tough?

 I think this is just my personality. I am extremely determined, so if I decide I want to do something, I generally don’t give up. One year I decided to knit everyone I knew a pair of socks for their birthday. I did it even though I was sick and tired of knitting socks by March. However, through experience you come to learn that when the run feels hard and your legs feel like lead and you hate every moment… if you keep going that these feelings will oscillate to something better. 


It is an analogy for life. 


Tell us a little bit about when and why you choose to wear the Blaze compression sleeves and how they support your training?

 I started wearing compression sleeves when I was injured with a stress fracture. I never want to experience that again, so I do everything I can to support my legs. 

They also protect me from nettles which are mean little buggers!! 


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