Our Top 10 Running Podcasts For 2020!

Our Top 10 Running Podcasts For 2020!

If you love running, you may have some favorite running podcasts. Whether you listen to them while actually running, or you enjoy them for a leisurely cross training ride on the spin bike, or even as a tool to help pass the time on your morning commute, a running podcast is an excellent way to keep your brain engaged.

When contemplating how to approach this blog it seemed obvious, ask runners. Sure, as a writer and runner I have my favorite podcasts for runners. But so do other runners! I reached out to my fellow runners in the Sub-30 Club: Main Group and asked the question, “What are your favorite running podcasts and why?” An amazing tribe of almost 7,000 runners worldwide, their responses did not disappoint.

After hearing their suggestions and doing followup interviewing with those who responded to my query, I started to research those mentioned, listened to some sample episodes, and this is the top ten. Drumroll please…..

1. Rogue Running

Rogue Running running podcast

Rogue Running is produced weekly and offers commentary on events going on in the national running world as well as tips and advice for runners. Recent topics that any runner can relate to include mental training, race strategies and running by feel. Some hot topics in the global running community discussed on this forum are Breaking 2:00 and the international doping scandals.

Reviewers state this podcast for runners is relevant and timely for all shapes, sizes, and speeds. Perfect for running nerds who like to dive a little deeper into some topics, this one will have you geeking out!

2. Another Mother Runner

Another Mother Runner is an engaging podcast where the women discuss everything from marathoning to motherhood. On episode number 409, this ain’t their first rodeo. These ladies are the real deal! A quick scroll through their website shows that they are fortunate enough to interview some big names in running. It’s not just about elite runners, however. The engaging hosts reach out to cookbook authors, physicians, psychiatrists, race directors, and average runners to talk about anything and everything.

Quick to tackle difficult topics like the dreaded DNF (did not finish) and running after breast cancer, they leave no stone unturned. Helping us through real-world, contemporary issues, two of the last three episodes are COVID-19 related: “Women Runners Share Their Experiences with Shelter in Place,” and “Running and Not Racing Through The Coronavirus Pandemic.” Female runners especially, but even male runners, will find this engaging podcast worth a listen!

3. Two Gomers

Two Gomers podcast is a self-proclaimed story of, “two regular guys challenging themselves to live healthier and taking the nation along.” Anthony and Steven are approachable, lovable individuals who breathe life into their message through humor. Their honesty and vulnerability is something average runners can certainly relate to. In addition, their podcasts typically last just long enough to get a message across and keep the listeners attention.

From the Gomer’s Facebook page, “This podcast might inspire you to stay in shape. Or challenge you to do something you’ve never done before. Or take up another hour of your morning commute. Whatever. Just enjoy it for what it is – two guys who need any motivation they can get to actually do something no one thought they could ever do.”

4. Run This World

Did you know it takes the average person approximately 36 minutes to complete a 5K? The podcast Run This World revolves around this very premise. What does that mean? It means that every topic, interview and conversation held in the podcast is specifically and strategically meant to engage your average runners.

The hostess also isn’t afraid to tackle difficult topics. “From Self Harm to Self Love” was a recent topic, for example. “It’s Never Too Late to Take Care of You” is another recent topic. People find her interviews and topics to be relevant and her discussions approachable.

5. Ali On The Run

Ali On The Run started when she was training for her first marathon but became so wildly popular she kept with it. Spending time with Ali might have you listening to Des and Ryan Linden, Kara and Adam Goucher or Meb Keflezighi. Her topics range from an overview of the Olympic Trials to listening to a healthy cookbook author. And who isn’t intrigued by a running club called Fueled by Donuts?

Starting in 2010, Ali recently published her 224th episode. It’s no shock people love her, as she talks to everyone from elites to soccer moms who are thrilled when they pull off an age group medal. Fans who review her podcast and blog state that Ali is, “real” and discusses “relevant issues” in both mediums. One woman refers to Ali as the “next best thing to a live running partner,” stating that Ali, “get her through long runs.”

6. The Morning Shakeout

In 2015 Mario Fraioli started The Morning Shakeout. Starting as a written blog sent to subscribers email inbox, it has evolved to involve an engaging and popular podcast. According to the host, “In short, the morning shakeout is a carefully crafted blend of informed commentary, engaging exchanges, and smart curation, intentionally conversational in its tone. And I plan to keep it that way.”

Fraioli encourages readers and listeners to, “Please send your silly questions, snarky comments, dopey concerns, unsolicited inquiries, high praise or general disdain regarding the morning shakeout,” to him and also to, “kindly keep any other bullshit to yourself.” What more can be said? Fraioli enjoys an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 stars. He’s worth a listen!

7. Marathon Training Academy

“Determined to find a better way to train and share it with the world, Angie Spencer started the Marathon Training Academy.” Started in 2010, the goal of the podcast is to inspire and educate people as they navigate through their training and the running world. Although there is a definite slant toward the marathoning world, the hosts discuss a myriad of topics relevant to all runners.

Recently covered topics include coping with cancelled races during the Coronavirus pandemic and how to adapt when forced to become a treadmill runner. In addition to the podcast, their website offers training plans as the Marathon Training Academy also offers coaching services. Even if running 26.2 miles is not in your wheelhouse, take them for a whirl. You won’t regret it!

8. How Was Your Run Today?

Peter and Bryan host a weekly podcast where Motto number one is that you burn more calories if you laugh while you run. These men are approachable as they discuss their personal running forays. One touching episode discusses venturing into the double-digit run. For anyone who has been there, this is a scary and momentous occasion.

They also discuss things that most of us think about, but not always as it pertains to running. Here, topics like sleep and comfort food come into play.

9. Not Your Average Runner

Jill Angie is not your average runner. She speaks to runners asking if they have ever been called curvy. She asks if they feel out of place at the starting line because of body shape. She implores runners to realize that running is not determined based on how fast you run or the size of your pants. If you run, you are a runner.

She tells runners that all runners are exceptional in their own way. Her topic range from “How To Embrace The Suck” to discussing fueling in “The Fuel Episode.” If you have ever felt like you aren’t enough in the running world, this podcast is certainly for you!

10. Nike Running Club

Okay before you say to yourself, “That’s not a podcast. This is how I track my distance run.” Or “Isn’t this the place where I get my spadework?” Yes, but it is so much more.

Nike Run Club features Run With Shalane which is is an awesome 45 minute guided run where Shalane Flanagan talks through her running adventures. You end the run feeling inspired and ready to tackle your next goal.  Similarly, Run With Eliud is similar adventure. This time, a 60 minute guided run as Eliud Kipchoge discusses his running.

You will also find advice on how to Run With Headspace or a run for when you Don’t Wanna Run, but nothing compares to my personal favorite: Run With Lopez.

Run With Lopez is a 90-minute journey as Lopez Lomong tells his story as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Stated perfectly by Nike, “His story is one of tragedy and triumph, horror and hope, and the power of family.” This is 90 minutes you will never regret listening to and the miles and moments will fly by.

Why Listen to Podcasts?

Whether you are listening to podcasts while running to pass the time or to keep your brain engaged, plugging in may be just the trick. Of course, if you prefer to run listening to nothing but the sounds of your footsteps and breathing, you can always use running podcasts for your morning commute or when running with your dog.