Funny Running Quotes: Our Favorites!

Funny Running Quotes: Our Favorites!

Running can be an exhausting sport, both physically and mentally. One of the best ways to combat mental fatigue is to embrace funny running quotes. You might get inspired!

Laughter and Running: The Perfect Combination

Reader’s Digest has a section titled, “Laughter, the Best Medicine.” It is true that laughing can help you feel better. Think back to your last long run. Certainly, you may have felt tired after. But how else did you feel? Fulfilled? Proud? Happy?

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Laughter.. that deep belly laughter, perhaps with tears streaming down your face… that type of laughter can make you instantly feel better about the stressors in your life.

It’s a Hill, Get Over It!

This one is ironic for so many reasons. How often do you hear someone say, “Get over it!” Of course, this can often pertain to the figurative sense as you are told not to make little things into big things. In running, hills are Mother Nature’s strength training. If you want to get stronger, hills are quite simply an exceptional way to do it.

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And let’s face it, most racecourses aren’t completely flat. How do you get better at hills? More hills! See a hill? Just get over it! Literally!

Run Like There’s A Hot Guy In Front of You And A Creepy One Behind You

Perhaps a tad bit offensive, most runners still get a chuckle from quotes like these. This one is akin to the “Run like there’s a clown chasing you,” or “Run like you stole something.”


The long and short of quotes like this is that there is either something desirable ahead or something pretty crappy behind you or, in this case, both!

I Run Because I Love Food

Sure, the subtitle I used is a variation of the illustration. I run because it’s good for me. Also, because I like to eat. And drink a lot.  Or I run because I really, really, really love food. 


Another favorite, I run so you won’t judge me when I eat an entire cake. The love affair with food that leads to a love affair with running jokes is endless.

I Run Because Punching People Is Frowned Upon

Many people use running as a stress reliever. This running quote pokes fun at that thought. Studies show that running can reduce fatigue, lower stress level and contribute to overall mental and physical health.

Running releases endorphins which are also released during happy times like laughing, which leaves the athlete feeling better about things.

Lastly, punching people is frowned upon. The quote is absolutely not wrong!

Run! Because Zombies Will Eat The Untrained Ones First!

Hilarious and a little bit macabre, this one implements the ever fearsome zombies into it. Another personal favorite of mine is, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun my running buddy!”.


Although amusing and certainly created to make the reader laugh, it is a point well made. If you are not well trained, not only might the zombies get you but you are likely to get passed as the race goes on!

Running + Poop Jokes

Any runner can tell you the woes of poop. You need to poop before your run. You have to poop while running. You worry that your running nutrition will give you gastro distress leading to, you guessed it, poop.


There is a hilarious video out there on runner thoughts where the runner repeatedly reminds himself, “Don’t poop your pants, don’t poop your pants.”

If you have ever done a race, you have noticed people holding up signs to help encourage runners. One of my personal favorites is, “Don’t fart! It’s not worth the gamble.”

My Sport Is Your Sport’s Punishment

If you’ve ever played football or basketball, you remember the coach yelling, “On the line!” You get lined up to do wind sprints until someone either falls over or pukes from the exertion. Why? Because the coach is angry. Someone missed a practice or dropped the ball or wasn’t listening or everyone didn’t come together on the court or… the possibilities are endless. All that matters is the coach is mad so everyone runs.


How do you punish the cross country team when they aren’t focused? Well, it isn’t through running. Because our sport is your sport’s punishment!

Slow Runner Quotes

  • I’m slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter but I run!
  • Slow runners make fast runners look good. You’re welcome!
  • Not sure if I’m slow or if everyone else is a Kenyan.
  • The awkward moment when you’re wearing Nike and you can’t just do it.

These quotes poke fun at being a slow runner, but it’s the person poking fun at him or herself. Sometimes it may be frustrating to be part of the BOTPP (Back of The Pack Party), but you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

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Remember, slow running isn’t a character flaw. It’s just a number on the watch. The only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday!

Funny Signs People Make

One of my favorite things to do while running a race is to look at the signs of encouragement people hold up.

  • You run better than the government!
  • It took the cubs 108 years! Take your time!
  • Smile! You paid for this!
  • There’s no such thing as an atheist at mile 22 of a marathon!
  • Most people won’t even drive 13 miles today!
  • I don’t usually roll a joint but when I do, it’s an ankle.
  • Don’t pee behind a tree in front of a house with a picture window!
  • Worst parade ever!
  • You have stamina! Call me!

Pam Berg – Duluth, MN

Quotes can be inspiring mantras to keep us moving forward, but they can also be amusing anecdotes. When pounding the pavement mile after mile, hour after hour, signs with quips and tidbits of information can give the runner just the kick needed to keep moving.

Whether to amuse or inspire, funny running quotes are a personal favorite! Sometimes I find myself jogging back to get a photo of a favorite.

If you aren’t running a local race, consider grabbing a piece of posterboard and adding a funny tidbit. Add a cowbell and you are ready to cheer – the runners will thank you!