At Home Workouts For Runners!

At Home Workouts For Runners!

If you are suddenly finding yourself looking for at home workouts, you are not alone. As a runner, perhaps you find yourself turning to running as your break from reality, a mental and physical break in your hectic day. There are many other types of workouts for runners at home you can implement into your regime that will not only improve your overall fitness but may even help your running!

Core Work

Did you know that core strength is a key component of strong running? It’s true! A strong core can improve a runner’s stability, balance, posture and control. If your body is stable, you are more efficient and stronger of a runner. You can work toward building a stronger core in just ten to fifteen minutes a day!

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Most experts agree that with minimal time commitment, you can have results in four to eight weeks. No, I’m not promising you six-pack abs here, that requires both an intense regiment of strength training and restraint in the kitchen (you can’t undo what you put on your plate by exercise!). But the results you see may equate into seconds off your mile time!

5 Minute Abs

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If you’re looking for some results but don’t have a lot of extra time in your day, or you’re new to core work and looking to start small, 5-minute abs is a good place to start. Set your timer for 5 minutes, and do the set above. If the 5 minutes have not passed, start again.

Five Minute Flat Abs by Pop Sugar Fitness is another good starting point, or a quick routine to do when you’re tight on time!

Five Minute Standing Abs by FitSugar is an option to mix things up a little! Many people think you have to be on you back or in plank to work your core. That’s just not true!

More Advanced Core

If you’re already committed to some core work and are looking to amp things up a little, there are many options.  This article from highlights 13 Essential Core Exercises for Runners in a slideshow format.

If you’re looking for someone to guide you through some intense core work, Fitness Blender has some excellent options offered via YouTube videos. This Advanced Core Burning Workout is an example of a great workout requiring about 20 minutes of time commitment.

Anterior Chain

Of course, the core is part of the anterior chain, but what about the rest of it? Your quads and chest are also part of this important team of muscles that help keep you moving.

 Quads at Home

Oftentimes, you will find quad work coupled with glute work. Unless you’re into heavy lifting, this is just fine and should not concern you. As you can see by the image below, many times upper body muscles are also engaged during workouts for beginners. This will give you the most bang for your buck.

Diary of a Fit Mommy

 Hitting the Weight Room

Squats and lunges target quads and will get your excellent results. Check out Gym Guider’s image of must-try quad exercises.

Gym Guider

 Quad Work Explained

Erin Stern explains the importance of quad work, but also shows that you don’t necessarily need heavy weights for big results. Check out her YouTube video!

Posterior Chain

The posterior chain refers to the muscles on your backside. Although when you say posterior chain most people think glutes and hamstrings, it also includes your back, lats, calves – really everything from the back of your head to your Achilles!

The posterior chain is the body’s powerhouse, including the biggest muscles in the body. A strong posterior chain helps protect your body from injury, including giving you the strength to power through hard workouts.

 Body Weight Exercises

Redefining Strength

If you are new to working your posterior chain, starting with bodyweight exercises is a good way to ease into it.

 Light Weights

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Next, you can incorporate lightweights such as dumbbells or a kettlebell into your workout. This is a way to ease into it. Squats, lunges, bridges, etc are all great ways to work that posterior chain.

Just remember: expect to be sore! And working these big muscles can equate to some big discomfort, especially when just getting started!

Advanced Posterior Chain Work

There is some great guidance out there for people who are comfortable in the weight room and looking to add area-specific lifting. With almost two million subscribers, Jeff Nippard offers some excellent weight lifting instruction complete with science to back his decisions in his YouTube videos. This one targets glutes, hamstrings and lower back.


Many runners find they prefer to put it all together into circuit work, instead of focusing on specific areas in the weight room. Runner’s World, a resounding voice of reason for runners across the world, gives us 9 Essential Weight Exercises For Runners.

If you’re looking for a quick routine that you can put together and do in your own home with minimal equipment, this is an option.

 Circuits At Home

When looking to build your own circuit just be sure you are targeting the different body areas. Think about choosing an upper body exercise, a lower body exercise, a compound exercise and a “sprint” or quick movement exercise. You can then do that all over again with the same or different exercises to fill the time you have allocated.

The Lean Green Bean

A quick Pinterest search will find you numerous at-home circuit workouts like the one below.

 Guided Circuits

No Equipment Full Body Workout YouTube video gives you a 6-minute circuit that you can work your way up to doing three times through.

Lululemon has a great 45-minute guidance through bodyweight exercises in this YouTube video.

HIIT Training

The Football’s Fan Diet

High-Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, is a good way for runners to cross-train. During HIIT training you get a great cardiovascular workout. These often raise your metabolism, can improve your oxygen consumption, and are known to target belly fat. They are a good use of a shorter time block, and a good way to mix up your workouts.

My favorite place to go for HIIT Training is Fitness Blender. They have a website and also can be found on YouTube. One perk about their workouts is they often offer modifications for people who may be new to the regime.

Finding Home Workouts

As athletes hunt for home workouts, there are two great places to look that are literally, right at hand! First, your computer. There are a multitude of websites offering free workouts.

In addition to that, your phone is a wealth of information. There are so many amazing, free fitness apps. Check out this blog featuring the Best Free Workout Apps and Websites to Try at Home!

If you’re lucky enough to have a treadmill at your disposal, there are options other than just schlepping along on the ‘mill like a hamster on a wheel. Another recent Rockay blog featured Treadmill Workouts Just As Good As Running Outside! These workouts are sure to keep you engaged while you stay fit and active!

Looking to build a home gym on a limited budget? Are you finding that all of the workout videos you want to try seem to require at least some equipment? This blog will help you find the Best Cheap Exercise Equipment For Maximum Results. You might be shocked to see a jump rope on this list of “must-have” items. Take a peek at Jump Rope vs Running? Why Runners Should Jump Rope. 

Have you seen Rocky? Who doesn’t love the scene where Rocky hammers to the stop of the stairs at the museum? Another great blog that will have you thinking outside of the box in regards to your workout is: Stair Workouts for Runners: Indoors and Outdoors.

No Excuses

Sure, it’s a challenging time. Gyms are closed. Group runs are canceled. Your favorite workout classes are no longer accessible. It’s easy to mourn what we have lost in the fitness world. But when faced with adversity we either curl up and cry or we come out stronger.

One thing life has shown me is that if there is a will, there is a way. When it comes to finding home workouts, there most certainly is a way. It may not be the path you were taking two months ago, but it is a path worth investigating!

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