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Our Athletes


Ian Morgan @ian.morgan

Ian Morgan is a 48 year old New Zealand Marathoner, currently living in Chile. Loves to run hills, mountains, and distances 50km+. Ultimate travel lover striving to build a sustainable lifestyle through running and adventures.

Harry Jones @harryruns

Harry is an elite ultra trail runner and running coach from the UK. Running has been a big part of his life from a young age, focusing on 1500m track running for over 10 years before falling in love with the trails and mountains. Harry now competes in ultra trail races around the world and shares his adventures on YouTube to inspire others to chase their running dreams.

Fran Gonzalez @frangibar

As Mother of 5, Fran Gonzalez is an Ultra Distance Runner from Chile. She started trail running 6 years ago, and recently quit her dream job as a school principal to follow her passion of traveling and running around the world.

Giorgio Pulcini @giorgio.pulcini

Giorgio Pulcini is a from northern Italy. He's an husband, a father, a webdesigner and a photographer, but from dawn to dusk he's mainly an ultra-trailrunner. Now training for Tor des Geants and UTMB.

Marcus Smith @mjd_smith

Marcus Smith is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, extreme athlete and coach with a vision of “making people better at life. Among other challenges he ran 30 marathons in 30 days in Dubai and completed “the worlds toughest footrace” across the Sahara.


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