Rockay removes plastic from the ocean and rivers
through our partnership with ReSea Project
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Our Mission X ReSea

Rockay has partnered with ReSea Project, contributing to a cleaner ocean. This is part of our ongoing mission to help regenerate our damaged ecosystems and clean up our planet.

Every piece of plastic removed is washed, carefully sorted by dedicated ReSea Project fishermen, and regenerated for a new lease of life. An additional upside is that we are supporting a better standard of living and employment amongst fisherman communities, creating avenues to education and improving local ecosystems.
“It’s always been our mission to be part of the solution
and help regenerate our planet, and this
partnership furthers our commitment to the cause.”
– Rockay Founder and CEO, Daniel Chabert


Rockay was built for the everyday athlete, and as a fast-growing community, we must consider our impact. Take a sport like running for example, the carbon footprint can be deceptive, it appears to be an inherently green activity, but plastic waste is a real issue. Race day means water bottles, goodie bags and finisher tees. There’s also an endless amount of nutrition which inevitably comes wrapped in plastic.

In partnership with ReSea Project, Rockay are empowering our athletes to be part of making a difference against plastic polluting our oceans. By doing so we can feel better about the environment we use as our daily training ground. There’s always more to do, but Rockay wants to turn the tide against plastic waste. We are one step closer to plastic-free oceans and ultimately a healthier planet

Measured Impact

We will report our impact so you can see exactly how much waste is being removed and cleaned from the oceans. Behind the numbers are committed, community-driven ReSea fishermen, supported by Rockay, all with the purpose to protect and regenerate our planet.

Our Packaging

We take a holistic approach to all that we do from the initiatives we support to how we deliver our products across the globe. Our packaging has been completely overhauled - our polybags are made from plant-based materials and are fully biodegradable, even the inks we use are natural. Reducing the amount of packaging has been key – using less paper and targeting the complete removal of cardboard boxes from deliveries. We intend to lower our C02 impact and make it easier for our customers to recycle.

Sustainable Performance,
Zero Compromise

Our mission is to embrace our responsibility in producing ground breaking products, with eco-conscious materials and empowering athletes to perform sustainably. Ingenious fabrics, recycled and sustainable where possible are used in our products, with our supply-chains selected and scrutinized on their eco-merits. No stone is left unturned in our mission for sustainable performance with zero compromises.
The cleanup process of Resea Project is certified by the independent third party DNV. The certification of the cleanup process ensures the highest level of traceability, meaning that the reclaimed plastic from oceans and rivers can be traced all the way back to the location where it was recovered.
Documenting cleanup area
Removing plastic debris
Sorting the recovered plastic
Bag and tag the plastic
Weigh and document the impact
Transport plastic waste to a waste bank
Waste bank weighs the plastic and distribute for recycling and waste handling purposes
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Every Year 8 million tons of trash
is dumped into our oceans.
Let’s help clean this up.
Every Year
8 million
tons of trash
is dumped into
our oceans.

Let’s help
clean this up.

An important note for our customers in the UK.

UK customers your order from Rockay is duty-free, despite changes to agreements with the EU. You do not have to pay any fees to receive your delivery, contrary to any messaging you may receive from a courier service.
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