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Men’s and Women’s Compression Calf Sleeves

Whether you are racing, training, or working out, there are certain pieces of running gear that can make all the difference. With the Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve, runners can empower their performance, supercharge their recovery time, and say goodbye to odors once and for all. Our product is constructed from a blend of the very best materials in the industry, all of which have been field-tested by professional athletes.

After comparing our product to that of the competition, it was unanimously decided that the Rockay Blaze surpassed any other product.  We offer all our consumers a lifetime guarantee, giving each consumer a chance to experience what Rockay is all about. Come to experience the anti-odor technology or the healing properties of true and tested compression.

If you like many other runners, you have sampled and tried a wide spectrum of different compression sleeves. You can also probably agree that these traditional sleeves lack some of the basic essentials that you need, including high-quality materials, anti-odor technology, moisture-wicking properties, or standard durability. Whatever the case may be, what you need is a compression sleeve that can rise to the occasion when you are running or training.

Enter: Rockay Blaze Leg Compression Sleeve

Our team has studied and researched endlessly to develop the best possible combination of materials for our product. Each sleeve is made from 42% Multifilament polyamide, 32% Polyamide, and 26% Elastane. Working together, consumers will receive the highest level of durability, stability, and compression.

Now, you may be wondering, “What makes the Rockay Blaze the best?” Well, thanks to the Polygene Stay Fresh Technology, runners will never have to experience bad odors again while running. In addition to this, we designed the sleeve with added ventilation so, while you are running, training, or walking around, any potential sweat will be quickly wicked away.

Additionally, did we happen to mention that our product is designed to significantly reduce any fatigue that a runner may feel after a long run or exercise? Thanks to the quality of the compression, our sleeve will keep a runner on their feet training longer, harder, and more frequently. Should you experience any common running injuries, compression has been scientifically proven to help prevent or treat a wealth of different ailments.

At Rockay, we are dedicated to runners. If you don’t know, we are runners too. We understand exactly what runners need. With that, our dedication is simple: quality for a lifetime. Each consumer will receive their lifetime guarantee upon purchase because we want you to be 100% happy. By joining the Rockay Family today, you are helping in a larger vision and goal to change the world. So, say goodbye to fatigue, plantar fasciitis, or shin splints once and for all.

Are you ready to blaze past the competition?

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