Our Mission

Within its first year of operation, Rockay launched its first product (running socks) and is looking to become a worldwide known brand with a full lineup of clothing and shoes for runners.

Our mission is to produce the best running products the world has seen while helping to save our planet from the destructive and environmentally damaging path that it is currently on.

To make the best running products in the world, we base our production on field testing—meaning we, as everyday runners, test out the products extensively with the help of our Rockay athletes. We never launch a product we would not consider wearing ourselves all the time!

To help the planet, we are currently in the process of sourcing fabrics made from collected plastic in our oceans. Our aim is to have 100% traceability on where the ocean plastic was collected from. We strive to keep the promise of producing products in the most eco-friendly methods without compromising on the quality you would expect from a world-class product.

What We Are Currently Working On


1. Sourcing Ocean Plastic

We have found our supplier who can source plastic from the ocean and turn it into high-quality polyester. It is important that the quality is as good as virgin polyester but, at the same time, we want it to be 100% recycled and partly made from ocean plastic. To achieve this, about 20% of the polyester is plastic recovered from the ocean and the last 80% is also recycled but from recycling facilities.

Furthermore, we want 100% traceability on where the plastic has been collected from the ocean. We worked with some suppliers who could not guarantee & prove this – and we had to stop working with a lot of potential suppliers because they could not offer full traceability. The price of this polyester is much higher than virgin polyester but we don’t see an alternative; the world needs a revolution in how we recycle and how we should manufacture any new products.

From June to September, we have been testing our ocean polyester and stumbled across a few issues. Since we want our socks to be as durable as possible, we had to tweak our product before we could get it right!

In late September, we made our first order to buy polyester created from ocean plastic and we are waiting for our factory to spin it into our Accelerate Running Socks & 2 new upcoming products we are working on (compression calf sleeves & compression socks).

1 pair of Accelerate Running Socks will remove 2 water bottles of plastic or equivalent plastic from the ocean!

Our compression sleeves will remove 3 bottles.

We expect our “ocean plastic” version of our Accelerate running sock to hit the shelves in Q1 2019. We expect the same for our calf sleeves and compression socks.

2. Odor-Free Clothing

Yes, as crazy as that sounds, we believe that the environmental impact can be reduced greatly by using the newest technology on the market. For that reason, we have partnered with Polygiene and will be working on adding their coding to our products. This coding is 100% safe and has already been used by big companies like Patagonia and Adidas. It makes our clothing anti-bacterial and bacteria is the reason why clothes smell. Instead of washing your clothes, you can simply let it dry on a hanger and use it again and again. We want to help transform people’s opinion on washing clothes and to only wash when the clothes have any stains that can’t come off by handwashing. The polygiene treatment will be added to our calf sleeves in November 2018.

3. 100% Recycled Materials for Packaging

There is no reason to cut down new trees or add more chemicals to our world if we can use what is already out there! We expect all our packaging to be made from 100% recycled materials in 2019. We have already found our supplier and is evaluating the quality right now!

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