sustainable performance socks
how we do it
The majority of waste that enters the ocean each year is plastic—and it’s here to stay. That’s because, unlike other waste, it doesn't biodegrade. Instead, it stays in the Ocean for a millennium, polluting our beaches, entangling marine life. So we aim to do something about it. We collect and reuse this plastic and
give it a second life.
we collect
plastic waste
With our partner Econyl, we collect and reuse waste, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and plastic, from landfills and oceans all over the world. The waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover the nylon.
image image image image
it’s sent to a
regeneration plant
At a 'High Tech' regeneration plant, it undergoes a radical regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity, which means the regenerated nylon is exactly the same as virgin nylon.
image image image image
100% recycled materials
Anti-Odor Coating
Breathable Mesh Zone
a special
dyeing process
In our dyeing process we twist our yarn, which adds elasticity to it, this gives our socks amazing stretch and recovery properties, which also makes our socks more durable and feel more comfortable.
our socks are
made on the best
knitting machines
Our socks are made using special high quality cylinder knitting machines, holding 200 very thin knitting needles (1/50th of an inch thick), which makes them more durable than other socks. Also, providing a smoother feel, greater stretch and improved fit, preventing movement in shoes.
image image image
we coat our
socks with an
anti-odor coating
The Polygiene anti-odor coating, means you can wear them more and wash them less. All Rockay Performance wear has this unique Stay Fresh Technology, preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. You simply let the Garment dry and it can be used again and again.
image image image
our packaging
is made from
recycled material
We believe in not making more waste, so all of our packaging is made from recycled materials. Plus the inks we use are natural based and the polybags we use are biodegradable.
our designers
important features
Our designers complete an extensive process
of designing, testing and prototyping our
Performance socks. Putting thousands of miles of
testing on each design and incorporating some
high tech features, never seen before
in our industry.
Elasticated cuff
Breathable mesh zones
Performance Cushioning
Seamless toe
our athletes
test our product
in the field
Our world class Athletes are our test bed for all our products. Before any product is released, our Athletes put thousands of hours testing, in training and competition, on all of our products, continually feeding back to our designers.
image image image image image image
100% recycled
performance socks
Our sock range encompasses Performance, Comfort, Quality and 100% recycled fabrics. Plus some important key features: seamless toes, carefully positioned performance cushioning; breathable mesh zones; and special built-in arch compression support. Ultimately, we believe so much in the design and performance of our socks, we give them a lifetime warranty.
all our socks come
with a lifetime warranty

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