Best Cheap Running Shoes for Those on a Budget

If you are a runner you understand the woes of falling in love with expensive shoes and knowing your wallet may not appreciate the dent paying for said shoes might make into your pocketbook. There are ways to get cheap running shoes that are just as good as any expensive pair out there.

Most runners highly recommend visiting a shoe fitting specialist to find a pair that works for your feet. A big box shoe store often has employees who aren’t schooled in fitting the proper shoe for each athlete. A local running store is more likely to have customer service specialists who do have these skills.

best cheap running shoes

Although it is not a popular opinion, many runners visit a LRS or local running store for a fitting then look for the product cheaper online. If this bothers you from a moral perspective, you an always purchase the first pair at the LRS then look for future pairs online.

Look for Last Years Model

Perhaps the easiest way to save on shoes is to shop for a previous years model. How to best accomplish that? Whatever shoe you are in love with, wait patiently for a new version of that shoe to be launched.

While the newest running shoes will probably cost roughly $110-150, the prior year model will typically drop by around 30% almost immediately.

For example, Brooks is preparing to launch the Ravenna 11s. Around Christmas time, when they know that passionate shoppers are looking for deals, Ravenna 10 shoes dropped to $70. Smart shoppers snagged up a pair while prices were low.

Of course, a very patient shopper who wears a size not in high demand can often find an even better deal a month down the road, but if your shoe is in a common shoe size that can be a gamble you will lose.

Shop in Unlikely Venues

Running shoes tend to cost the most in a local running store. Although spending your money local is a nice thought, you are also paying for overhead.

A simple Google search of your favorite shoe will often find shoes in unlikely places such as Zappos or JackRabbit.

Zappos, for example, specializes in items at an older model. You can save up to 50% on items that have spent a little time in someone’s warehouse.

Other online services such as eBay or Poshmark also are places to scour to save money. Ever heard of the New Year’s Resolution that went to the wayside? Sometimes a person can find gently used (or never used) fitness gear that someone purchased and seldom or never used.

Have you ever purchased a pair of shoes, worn them a couple of times and decided they just did not work for your feet? Of course, most people have. Often, these shoes end up on a resale site.

If purchasing a pair of used shoes, flip them over to check out the tread wear. If the person claims they are new, the bottom will tell the story.

Search for Discount Codes

Sometimes local running groups receive discount codes. Groups like the Sub 30 Club, a social media based running group started by a Runner’s World employee hoping to run a sub 30 minute 5K, often have postings offering deep discounts.

Photograph used with permission of Sub 30 Club

For example, Runner’s Warehouse is one vendor that frequently offers groups like the Sub 30 Club discounts on shoes and other running apparel. Joining a running group, in person or online, is a great way to get running support and advice as well as scoring great deals!

Best Bang for Your Buck

Having said all of that, there are plenty of shoes a runner can get for under $100. Runners World, a popular running magazine, has a slew of test runners ready to tell anxious runners everything they want to know about the world of running. According to RW, and verified through online reviews, here are some top quality shoes at a great price.

Skechers GORun Pure

The Skechers GORun Pure priced in the $60-75 range, are a lot of bang for the buck. According to reviewers they are a soft ride with great cushion.

Skechers has also mastered a seamless upper which translates into blister free comfort for wearers.

Asics Road Hawk

A reputable name in running shoes, Asics also packs a lot of value into a small price tag. The Asics Road Hawks can be found ranging from $40-65. These also have a reputation for a lightweight ride, with perhaps a bit too much bounce.

They do, however, lack in stability according to many reviews. But for a novice runner who is not putting on a lot of miles each week, this shoe could prove an excellent and economical choice.

Asics GT

For runners who need stability, the Asics GT can offer that with a smaller price tag than other big name shoes. Be sure to look closely at the price tag on these shoes, as there are many options in these shoes and some are quite costly.

However, they remain a shoe one can typically acquire for under $100. Often, if looking an older model, you can take home this pair for closer to $50.

Brooks Launch

Another commonly heard brand for runners, the Brooks Launch is a durable and relatively inexpensive shoe in their arsenal. Many reviewers refer to this shoe as, “the best, affordable shoe on the market.”

A light neutral shoe, responsive on the road, it will work for a multitude of runners. Before discounts, these shoes sell for $100.

Saucony Cohesion

Unless you are a runner, you would likely have never heard of Saucony. In the running world, however, this name is one you know to trust.

The Cohesion is in Saucony’s affordable line. Also a neutral shoe, it features no nonsense design, cushioning and stylish breathability. This shoe starts at $60, which is a steal.

Cheap Running Shoes for Those on a Shoestring Budget

“All you need are a pair of shoes,” people say. “Running is cheap,” is another commonly heard phrase. If only it were that simple. Depending on your feet, running can be cheap. It also can be a very expensive hobby.

A runner should know his or her body, feet and needs before deciding on a shoe. It is easy to stumble upon what appears to be a great deal in shoes and ending up with an injury.

But once you find a brand and style of shoes you like, likely you can be very happy in them for years. Use that information to find similar shoes or to purchase that style on sale.

Purchasing shoes does not have to be painful nor does it have to break the bank, if you are patient. Shoes can be had on a budget!

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