Thin Running Socks

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If you’re a seasoned runner, you know that the type of socks you wear matters. You know that whether it’s a compression fit – like our line of Vigor running compression socks – matters; you know that the materials a sock is made of matters. You know that size and length matters.

You may prefer quarter-length running socks like our Flare. Or perhaps you’d feel most comfortable in low cut athletic socks 20four7.

But if you’re in a relatively warm climate, thicker socks might be bogging you down. Even if they’re moisture-wicking, the extra heat might not be desirable. In conditions like that, a pair of genuinely light running socks are your best bet.

Introducing the aptly named Agile – the very best thin running socks on the market. Ultra light with compression arch support, breathable mesh zones, and of course a reflective logo, you can’t go wrong with these socks, even if you’re a late night runner.

So if you have a big race coming up, you might want to check out these ultra thin running shocks. Because they’re ultra light, nonslip, and comfortable, they might be just what you need to up your speed even by just a little bit.

And believe it: every little bit does help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the Agile socks made from?

Like every other Rockay product, Agile thin running socks are made entirely from 100% recycled materials. More specially, the make-up is as follows: 49% ECONYL Regenerated Nylon, recycled Polyamide, and 4% recycled Elastane. Each of these materials were chosen specifically for their compressive benefits.

Why should I opt for thin running socks?

We can’t tell you whether you should or shouldn’t. It all depends on your personal preference as well as the conditions in which you’re running. We can, however, recommend ultra thin running shocks for warmer climates, where thicker socks could trap too much heat in your feet. We can also recommend them for races where speed is a priority - it’s just common sense: the less weight you’re carrying around, the faster you’ll be able to go. But if you’re running on rocky or dirty terrain, you might want to opt for our Razer trail running socks. Those will keep pesky rocks from slipping into your feet and causing pain and irritation.

Is this treated with Polygiene technology?

Yes, all of our products are treated with Polygiene technology. The idea is to keep our products fresher for longer, saving the earth a ton of water and energy, as well as minimizing humanity’s carbon footprint in the process.

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