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Sports Arm Sleeves for Men and Women

Any serious and dedicated athlete will tell you that there are many days of training or racing where the weather falls somewhere between warm and cool. On those days, the perfect solution for comfort and range of motion is to wear running arm sleeves instead of a long sleeve shirt or light jacket.

Running arm sleeves provide a light layer of warmth as well as protection from the sun’s harsh rays. An added perk is they allow for this type of protection without hindering your arm swing at all. Paired with your favorite singlet, tank or short sleeve shirt, you control how much skin is exposed without giving up the comfort of running in your usual shirt.
For an athlete who is drawn to trail running, sport arm sleeves will also protect your arms from branches and insects, much as long socks do.

Lastly, sleeves for arm afford the runner intensity points. Yes, they simply make you look like the serious, dedicated athlete that you are.

Enter: Rockay Ignite Athletic Arm Sleeve

The Rockay sleeves for arm have many features that will have you, first of all, buying two so you can wear them together! The athletic arm sleeves feature a reflective logo to help keep you safe during those dusk and after dark workouts. The light, comfortable sleeve will protect your arm from wind, rain, cold and sun without hindering movement. It’s the perfect accompaniment for hammering out miles.

Fashioned from 58% econyl, 25% recycled polyamide and 17% recycled elastane and polygiene anti-odor technology, this means that purchasing the Rockay men and women arm sleeves is not only a great way to help do your part to protect our beautiful planet, it also ensures that even though you work and play hard – these athletic arm sleeves will repel odors!

The sleeve features seamless construction which offers superior comfort and helps for chafe prevention. Of course, the arm sleeve comes with the famous Rockay lifetime guarantee. Who else stands by their product forever and ever? Only a company this confident in their apparel can make a promise that big.

That is how confident we are that our product is one of the best arm sleeves for running on the market and will stand the test of time in all weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are arm sleeves for?

Rockay stands behind its products. If you return the item unopened and unused within forty days, you will get 100% of your money back. If you find your arm sleeve, or any other Rockay product, to not hold up as you would expect, there is a lifetime guarantee for a full replacement of an equal item.

Why do runners wear arm sleeves?

Runners wear women or men’s arm sleeves for many reasons. They offer a layer of warmth without putting on a long sleeve shirt. Arm sleeves also protect you against other elements of nature such as rain and sun.

They can protect an athlete against insects and branches for those wild trail and hiking experiences. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that they help keep your full range of motion as your movement is not restricted.

Are Rockay arm sleeves just for runners?

Rockay women and men’s arm sleeves are equal opportunity apparel - they can be appreciated by athletes of many sports. A softball or tennis player with a glitchy elbow may want to keep that arm warm without the added compression that many products have. An arm sleeve is just what that athlete would want for this purpose.

Cyclists and avid hikers would also enjoy sports arm sleeves for those in-between weather days that are too cool for a tank top but too warm for double layers. One of the benefits of arm sleeves is they are easy to pull off and tuck into a pocket, hiking pack or bicycle pouch when the sun hits its high point.

Are these sleeves for arm compression sleeves?

Rockay sleeves do not offer compression. These sleeves are more for warmth, a thin layer of protection against the elements, and a stylish look.

Are Rockay sports arm sleeves eco-friendly?

Are Rockay arm sleeves eco-friendly? Do turtles like water?!
The Rockay mission is to provide an exceptional sports product while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the athletes who wear the gear. Yes. Rockay arm sleeves are eco-friendly. We would not have it any other way.

What are the benefits of an arm sleeve?

Besides making you look super cool when you are working out or racing, arm sleeves will keep you comfortable. They protect the arm from wind, rain, cold and the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Rockay sleeves also have a cool reflective logo that will help your visibility when running at dawn, dusk or after dark.

What is Rockay's return policy?

Rockay stands behind its products. If you return the item unopened and unused within forty days, you will get 100% of your money back. If you find your arm sleeve, or any other Rockay product, to not hold up as you would expect, there is a lifetime guarantee for a full replacement of an equal item.

An important note for our customers in the UK.

UK customers your order from Rockay is duty-free, despite changes to agreements with the EU. You do not have to pay any fees to receive your delivery, contrary to any messaging you may receive from a courier service.
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