Our Eco Journey - Rockay

At Rockay every decision we make symbolises our commitment to making
a difference to our Planet. To help recycle waste and prevent pollution.
That’s why all our fabrics are made from plastic collected from the Ocean.

Plastic is collected and recycled from our Oceans and landfills,
to produce a premium quality regenerated Nylon.

The Nylon is then processed into a textile yarn, with a high-tech coating called Polygiene that adds a unique ‘Stay Fresh technology’, preventing the growth of odor causing bacteria, without impacting the planet.

Our designers and athletes then take this unique yarn and
start the extensive process of designing, testing and prototyping our socks.
Putting thousands of miles on each design and incorporating some important
features, including: seamless toes, carefully positioned performance cushioning;
breathable mesh zones; a special built-in arch compression support.

Allowing us to create World Class Performance Products using cutting edge
technologies, but adhering to our core value of sustainability. Performance
Wear, with without compromise and without impacting the planet.

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