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Bookkeeping & Accounting Specialist

Bookkeeping & Accounting Specialist for international eCommerce sportswear brand 

We are looking for a pro-active, highly motivated, and skilled individual for part-time work (15-25 hours per week) with potential for full-time employment as the job responsibilities grow

About us

Rockay is a performance/running apparel company, with a strong focus on world-class quality products. Our goal is to change the industry and the world by using only recycled fabrics and materials to help clean up our planet. Our aim is to push for innovation in both performance and sustainability. One should not compromise the other!
Watch our product and design philosophy here

The Role (15-25 hours)

You are responsible for maintaining our financial records, including purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.
Besides maintaining daily bookkeeping, the role also includes more accounting focused tasks such as:

  • VAT management (paying the right amount on time on all markets)
  • Optimizing our chart of accounts for better transparency in costs.
  • Maintaining our P&L so it is 100% updated every month.

Something to keep in mind…

As an Ecommerce Brand with multiple revenue streams, our P&L is really important. We need to be able to see the profitability of a channel such as Amazon USA or Rockay B2B. One of your biggest jobs is to give us transparency through optimization of the chart of accounts, so we can take actions based on the data presented in the P&L.
An example of this would be “shipping”. Shipping is many things and this needs to be broken into several accounts, so we know what is inbound and outbound, B2B etc. The same goes for revenue, advertising, and so on.

Tasks you can expect to do:

  • Organize and manage all bookkeeping through E-conomic software.
  • Optimizing our chart of accounts
  • VAT(moms) & all tax management
  • Consistent updating of our P&L
  • Cash Flow forecasting
  • Continuous reporting of financial KPIs
  • Monthly- & yearly financial reports
  • Ready financial report for accountants
  • accrual basis of accounting for monthly financial statements.
  • Payroll & salary management
  • Reconciliation of debit and credit in our balance sheet
  • Keep in mind we are a startup company and we all wear many different hats. There will likely be more tasks than included here.


  • +2 years of experience with bookkeeping, accounting or controlling
  • Relevant degree in above-mentioned disciplines
  • knowledge of the Danish accounting and bookkeeping legislation.
  • Superuser in Excel 
  • Superuser in E-conomic or similar bookkeeping software.
  • Big plus if you have dealt with eCommerce businesses in the past.

Work Environment

Rockay is a small family owned company with no outside investments. We pride ourselves on taking care of our people and believe our employees are our most valuable asset.

Work location:

Rockay’s office is located in Rødovre, Denmark. Only 7km from the city center. The company has 10 employees, 6 are sitting at the office daily. The rest visit the office several times a month as they live around Europe. We expect to be +8 people at the office within 6 months.
We offer a lucrative coffee & lunch option for all our on-site employees daily.
Pay is based on experience and will be agreed upon before hiring.


Send your motivated application and CV to [email protected]
We look forward to hearing from you!

An important note for our customers in the UK.

UK customers your order from Rockay is duty-free, despite changes to agreements with the EU. You do not have to pay any fees to receive your delivery, contrary to any messaging you may receive from a courier service.
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