The Benefits of Calf Compression Sleeves: Everything You Need to Know

The benefits of calf compression sleeves are plentiful. We can’t stress it enough.

In fact, one of the first products we came out with was the Rockay Blaze – an eco-friendly calf compression sleeve.

It remains one of our most popular products.

But you might be on the fence about calf compression clothing in general. Are they really worth the investment? Or are they just all marketing hype and no substance?

These are great questions – fair questions – and we’re going to answer them for you.


What are Calf Compression Sleeves?

Calf compression sleeves are, essentially, what they sound like – they’re sleeves (basically elastic tubes) that that wrap tightly around your calves.

How that tightness is distributed varies from product to product. Our Blaze, for example, features what’s known as a “graduated compression.” That means that it’s tightest around the ankles and gradually gets looser towards the knee. This provides more stability in one of the areas that are most impacted by the act of running – the ankles.

What is the difference between compression socks and calf compression sleeves?

The difference, essentially, lies in where the compression fabric ends. Calf compression sleeves end at the ankles; compression socks cover the foot too.

If you’re wondering which is better than the other, the answer is that it doesn’t matter. It’s really just a matter of preference.

You can wear compression socks just to save yourself the “hassle” of wearing both socks and sleeves; or you can wear your favorite pair of socks with your sleeves.

There’s really no right or wrong here.

Take a look at our new line of Vigor compression running socks to get an idea of what’s best for you.

What are the Benefits of Calf Compression Sleeves?

Now, the question is whether or not calf compression sleeves are actually beneficial or if they’re just a fashion trend. Hell, they might even just be comfortable and nothing more.

Is compression gear just a waste of money?

Science says no.

In fact, it says the exact opposite – that there are plenty of palpable and performance benefits to be reaped.

Let’s go over some of those benefits.

  • They increase blood flow. That means vitamins and nutrients and oxygen are traveling through your body at quicker speeds. And that means that your muscles are receiving these necessities quicker. And that means your performance will improve significantly.
  • They reduce lactic build-up and other waste. Lactic build-up is the primary cause of muscle soreness after a workout. The increased blood circulation aids in carrying away lactic acid and other waste from your muscles at a quicker rate; the result is less lactic build-up. The less lactic build-up, the less sore you’re likely to be after a workout. The less sore you are after a workout, the less time you’ll have to spend recovering. The point? Calf compression sleeves can reduce recovery time.
  • They prevent your calf muscles from moving excessively. Whenever your foot hits the ground during a run, it shocks your whole body. Your muscles twitch, vibrate, and jiggle. Every time this happens, your body has to expend energy to keep everything stable – expend enough energy and you get tired. Calf compression sleeves help to relieve your body of this stress, so that there is more energy available. And that means improved performance.
  • If you’re a trail runner or thinking about trail running, calf compression sleeves can help keep your legs protected from scratches, scrapes, rocks, mud, and dirt. They can even help protect you from more pernicious things, like poison ivy. Other runners choose trail socks that cover and protect their ankles.
  • They may also aid in mitigating the instances of shin splints and reducing swelling in injured areas.

And that’s all there is to it: now you know all the benefits of calf compression sleeves. If you want a more visual explanation, make sure to check out the video below.

Questions? Concerns? Make sure to leave them in the comments below.

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