7 reasons why you’ll love our accelerate running socks - Rockay
7 reasons why you’ll love our accelerate running socks
1. Created For Runners, By Runners

As runners ourselves, we understand that hot weather, moisture or constant friction are some of the biggest disadvantages that we face. That is exactly why we are passionate about bringing a quality pair of socks to the running community that will work effortlessly to keep your feet cool, dry and free of irritating ailments.

2. Made With 100% Recycled Materials

When you purchase from Rockay, you are investing in products created by a company with a passion for sustainability and a vision to change the world. This is exactly why all Rockay products are entirely constructed from 100% recycled materials, including recycled waste + plastic bottles sourced from our oceans.

3. Moisture Wicking

Our moisture wicking technology has the ability to absorb any moisture in the fabric of our socks and, upon sensing body heat, releases that moisture through the form of evaporation keeping your feet dry and cool mile after mile.

4. Anti Blister Properties

In addition to being crafted with breathable and moisture wicking materials, our Accelerate Socks are designed with a padded heel and toe, effectively reducing the risk of blisters and chafing. We can confidently say that our product has been field-tested by nearly 30 different runners prior to its release. The feedback that we received was overwhelmingly positive, proclaiming it a sock that a runner can rely on.

5. Compressional Arch

The Rockay Accelerate Sock is designed with a compressional arch to provide pressure and support that area of the foot. Anytime a product utilizes compression, the goal is to target a specific area and apply pressure to improve overall circulation.

6. Versatile for any activity Or Sport

Rockay Accelerate socks were designed to be incredibly versatile. While these are great socks for running, they can be used for nearly any activity or sport, regardless of the climate. From hiking, tennis, to casual workouts, the Rockay Sock can rise to any occasion.

7. Rockay Lifetime Guarantee

Here at Rockay, we stand behind our products and our dedication is simple: to create quality, sustainably made products that enhance running performance and last a lifetime. In doing so, our goal is to ensure that each customer is 100% happy with their purchase, which is exactly why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our products as well as a 40-day return policy and free U.S. shipping on orders of $50 or more.

But you won't really know Rockay comfort until you try them for yourself.

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